This is it. This is the intro, the very first piece of what will eventually become a large assortment of perspectives, sageness and good ol’ relatable stories from which we can draw inspiration.  

Here are some things to remember as you step in this space

  • In our crazy, fast paced world, and in this even crazier economy, a lot of events and happenings that become the subject of conversation. There are others still that are taken for granted. This space will peel off the layers to see what these stories say about ourselves and the contexts in which we inhabit.
  • Everyone has a story, and many have lessons that they have learnt or are still learning from their stories. This is a platform for exchange of lessons, advice and experiences on topics as diverse as success, faith and love. From celebrating extraordinary individuals and feats to shining the spotlight on our everyday heroes and events, Views From Her Space is here to serve and inspire
  • Maybe you just want to relax and recharge. Everyone needs a little pick-me -up once in a while. Don’t worry I have got you. If you are looking for some fresh music on your playlist, some books you don’t want to stop reading, a movie that you wish would never end then look no further

So welcome and enjoy your stay. This is as much your space as it is mine because it is my hope that through every article and story you see yourself and your world a little differently.

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